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Ms. Kharis believes in the benefits of both LegalShield and IDShield and uses them if a legal issue comes up.  As a client, colleague, or a friend she is sharing this information with you.

While Legal Shield is not the only legal professional service you can get advice from, it is the only one we know that gives you 24/7 access to a team of specialists that have knowledge in whatever are of law you need for, with so many added benefits, and super affordable monthly rates; under $30/mo. with no ongoing obligation.

You are not required to buy anything, but encouraged to check out the information and decide if the service is right for you.  

If you decide to become a member to enjoy the benefits, or join us as an associate to spread the word and take advantage of the discounted perks.  Or if you just want more information, click the "Contact Me" button. Someone is waiting to help you!

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