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With over 25 yrs of dispute resolution experience, we provide a variety of mediation services in an organized, sensitive, and efficient manner.  We have experience in the following areas: relationship and family issues, separation, divorce, parenting and support issues, custody, and adoption, as well as property, estate and probate, human resources, general business, realtor, real estate, landlord/tenant and neighborhood disputes. 

Our primary mediator, Alisa Kharis, has held many positions within the legal system, including litigant, attorney, jurist, and adjudicator and mediator.  She is a Mediator with professional and life experience to understand even the most complex and entrenched types of conflict.  These experiences have made her a passionate advocate of mediation as a primary method of dispute resolution, and the driving force behind  Blend Mediation. 


Ms. Kharis' mission is to empower clients to collaborate toward mutual agreements, while saving them time, money, emotional distress, and preserving relationships.

Alisa Kharis


Juris Doctorate

CEO Blend Mediation

Writer/ Speaker

At Blend Mediation, we partner with a network of paralegals, document preparers, coaches, and therapists from states across the country to ensure our clients have the best resources to support their needs. Every member of our team is passionate about mediation collaboration, and its unique ability to bring personalized results, at an affordable price, in a professional and timely manner.


We believe our clients bring with them unique skills and perspectives.  Our passion is to help parties cultivate those qualities to create better understanding and communications.  Reaching agreement together it is far more satisfying than having someone else dictate the terms.  In short, we are committed to empowering our clients to transform their barriers into bridges.

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