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Personal Relationship Issues

Congratulations, you found the one! 


There are just a few things to organize before the wedding, like a venue, an officiant, a dress, the guest list, the cake, music, and oh yeah - how about the agreements on which your relationship will begin?

We aren't necessarily talking about a pre-nuptial agreement.  We can do that, but more important than figuring out who is going to get what, we believe its important give your relationship the best foundation by coming to agreement on how you will handle the life challenges that every couple experiences.

Most couples discuss some questions during courtship, such as:  Where will we live?, Do we want kids, and if so, how many? How will we handle our extended families, vacations, birthdays? 


We're getting Married!

But there are other harder issues most people will face.  And it is not uncommon for people to marry without ever discussing some of them, like how they will handle money, job or career changes, adoption, sickness, aging parents, other dependents, etc?  Or even more difficult, how will you handle arguments, disciplining the kids, choosing  and saving for the kids education, etc.  And then there are the hardest issues that derail even the strongest of couples, like bankruptcy, infidelity, death of a child, illness or aging of a spouse, to name a few.  

All of these issues can be mediated and a plan established for handling them over the long run. People often don't get help until they are too overwhelmed.  Set yourselves up for success, by reaching agreements and setting guidelines before the conflicts arise.  Let us help you establish healthy communication, set expectations, set healthy boundaries, and create plans through mediation.

At Blend Mediation we empower you to leverage your existing strengths and cultivate your communication skills.  We want to help you have healthy, fulfilling, and richer marriages and relationships.

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