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Blend Mediation Podcast series Breakthrough Today
Who Am I?

Jeff Rayner is a hands-on entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience using the latest tech to solve everyday problems. For the past 7 years, he has been on the cutting edge of innovation with his AR/VR/MR company MXTReality. Jeff has a particular passion for full-body experiences, and regularly integrates haptic suits, virtual smells, and sensory gloves into his experiences.


He runs his XR Studio called MXT Reality from Seattle, WA, and is a member of several advisory boards helping using tech to make the world a better placeIs a huge proponent of making tech accessible to all (particularly XR)

Jeff is a literal rocket scientist , with a background in astro-physics and data analytics, a passion for space exploration.  He has a Peter Pan spirit and believes we should all learn how to fly!



What you'll learn?
  • The difference betwen XR vs VR vs AR vs MR and why you should care.The full-body immersive XR experience and Jeff's journey to becoming a paradigm shifter/disrupter in this fast-developing field.

  • Ways in which MXTReality's solutions/programs will create a technological, training, and communications shift in our culture.

  • Ways in which MXTReality's solutions/programs will create a technological and communications shift in our culture.

  • What Jeff sees as the future promise of MXTReality and the new tech revolution. How will these programs benefit individual industries and create a healthier planet.



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Halle Hutchison, Marketing Extraordinaire

Chief Brand Officer , Varo

Story Teller, Change-agent

Cultural Anthropology Enthusiast

Systemic-Cause Philanthropist

Episode 3, spotlights:   Halle' Hutchison


Halle Hutchinson has over 20 years experience launching and developing some of the most renowned and innovative consumer brands including AT&T, T-Mobile and Expedia; most recently turning a dog-care brand, Rover, into a dog-owning household name.


Halle currently serves as the Chief Brand Officer at Varo, the nation's first all-digital consumer bank. Halle joined Varo to help them define and create a true impact brand - focused on the majority of Americans left behind by the traditional banking industry.


They believe, it's not enough to just develop and sell a product or service, especially considering the evolving global crisis in which we find ourselves. Brands have a responsibility to understand the unique role they can play, and the positive impact they will ultimately deliver to society.


Halle's philosophy is to pull the brand purpose through to serve not just the consumer, but the employees, the community and the culture. She is a paradigm-shifter in the social consciousness of business.

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