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Hilary has over 25 years’ experience in mediation & arbitration in labor relations and labor law.  Originally from South Africa, she grew up in the era of Apartheid.  Upon graduating from university, she trained and worked as a social worker.  When the country eradicated Apartheid in the mid 1990's they adopted a new Constitution, establishing mediation and arbitration as a foundational part of their legal system, predominantly in labor and employment ADR.  Hilary and was at the cutting edge of this cultural and structural shift. 

During her tenure, she has been a trainer and mentor to new mediators and arbitrators, as well as an advocate for the mediation system. She was instrumental in developing a team of neutrals which is reflective of the diversity of her native country.   She is a compassionate leader who is a skillful listener, well versed in labor law.  In 2019, she brought her skills to the United States, and we are all the better for it.  She now lives in New York where she has taken courses in American ADR and has been accepted by prestigious associations such as NAA and AAA. 


Hilary's mission is to empower clients to collaborate toward mutual agreements, while saving them time, money, emotional distress, and preserving workplace relationships. Her professionalism and neutrality are an asset to any potential client.  

Hilary Mofsowitz Labor Relations Mediator
Hilary Mofsowitz

Labor Relations

Labor & Employment ADR





Writer/ Speaker

Free consultations and in-person sessions available. Payments made directly to Ms. Mofsowitz.

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