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Blend Mediation podcast series Breakthrough Today
Who Am I?

Andy Heller emigrated from Canada to the US as a child.  He graduated from University of Florida with a double major in marketing and finance.  He built successful businesses investing and teaching real estate to new and seasoned investor around the country.  He also runs a successful international freight forwarding company. 


Andy co-authored two real estate invensting books and called it good.  Until he had a life change that happens to so many of us.  After a difficult divorce, he looked around and saw the hole in the self-help space for people going through divorce.  Thus was born, "Take the High Road", a guide to making divorce easier for everyone.



What you'll learn?

Avoiding common mistakes when navigating your divorce

Manage emotions while making best choices for your and your family 

Analyze and value different types of resources available to you

Tips for co-parenting effectively even when its hard to find common ground.

Learn communication tools for divorcing parents

Learn what divorce needs that no other book provides.

Find out how to get your divorce finalized as quickly as possible

Andy Heller, Author Take the High Road


Real Estate Investor & Educator

Finance and Marketing Guru

Author & Public Speaker

Episode 7, spotlights:   Andy Heller

Andy Heller - Entrepreneur & Author

Andy has a genius for taking life experience and giving it to the public.  An experienced Real Estate Investor, Marketing and Finance Guru, CEO and Entrepreneur, Andy give us all a roadmap for healthier divorce.  

Andy has "been there an done that", learned the hard way and turned those lessons into a book he now shares with us.   "Take the High Road"is a "give back" effort to those going through or contemplating the same. 

Listen with us to his experience, as he shares suggestions to help divorcees that other books don't mention".


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