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Who Am I?

Keith Ivey is a hands-on entrepreneur with a meandering path to his current passion, helping people through hypnosis.  over 20 years of experience using the latest tech to solve everyday problems. For the past 7 years, he has been on the cutting edge of innovation with his AR/VR/MR company MXTReality. Jeff has a particular passion for full-body experiences, and regularly integrates haptic suits, virtual smells, and sensory gloves into his experiences.


He runs his XR Studio called MXT Reality from Seattle, WA, and is a member of several advisory boards helping using tech to make the world a better placeIs a huge proponent of making tech accessible to all (particularly XR)

Jeff is a literal rocket scientist , with a background in astro-physics and data analytics, a passion for space exploration.  He has a Peter Pan spirit and believes we should all learn how to fly!



What you'll learn?
  • The benefits of hypnosis and how it works.                     

  • How hypnosis can counteract past trauma and possibly even past life trauma.                   

  • How to hypnotize yourself, unblock and change  behavior patterns.                                     

  • The difference between entertainment hypnosis and therapeutic hypnosis.  And whether a hypnotist can really make you do crazy things on stage.                                         

  • Some strange things Keith has encountered in his years as a hypnotist. 

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Founder & CEO - Journey Inward | Journey Outward Hypnotherapy

Entrepeneur, Public Speaker



Episode 4, spotlights:   Keith Ivey


Keith Ivey is a graduate of the University of Georgia and The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  He currently resides in Kennesaw, Georgia.


In his career, Keith has been a TV camera operator, a minister, a university administrator, a video producer, a business theater producer and a crew member on a cruise ship


Today he is a clinical hypnotist in a national hypnosis practice called Journey Inward | Journey Outward Hypnotherapy.

He treats clients by teaching them how to self-hypnotize to address and create change in their subconscious mind, unlocking blocks to a healthier and more fulfilling life.

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