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Estate & Probate Issues

There is no bad time to prepare for the future, but the absolute worst time is in a crisis.  In the final analysis, the most important thing is to honor your loved ones and preserve the relationships that remain.

Whether in the planning stage or after the passing of a loved one, estate and probate issues are among the most emotionally charged and draining issues a family can face. Blend Mediation has successfully helped clients in the pre-planning, amendment, and execution phases. 


If you want to negotiate and draft a will, draw up a codicil, put property in trust, bequeath to charity, or distribute assets in any other legal manner, we can help.


If a loved one dies with no will, issues can arise with survivors' rights and who will inherit.

If you find yourself in probate, you will want to ensure payment of estate taxes and outstanding debts, as well as making sure gifts go where they were intended.  In these cases, issues may arise with creditors or other beneficiaries, or with family members.


Blend Mediation can assist with these and other issues as they arise, making your job a little easier while maintaining close family relationships.

Blend Mediation helps with Estate Issues
Blend Mediation helps with Probate Issues
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