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Our Story

Our founder, Alisa Kharis, has been a party, a juror, an attorney, and an adjudicator within the legal system.  Her professional and personal life has allowed her to glean invaluable experience and insight into what fuels conflict, which in turn fueled her passion for Mediation.  


At Blend Mediation, we believe mediation should be the first resort to conflict resolution, not something parties are ordered to attend.  There is no better solution that one parties create together.  Our experts have extensive legal background and certifications at the Master Mediator level.  Passion and compassion resonate through every project at Blend Mediation where countless clients have been able to avoid extensive litigation, at outrageous expense both financially and emotionally.  Most importantly, they have avoided destroying meaningful relationships.  As a result, Blend Mediation provides services to clients in a faster, more affordable, and more fulfilling manner.  

We serve clients in the following areas:

Family and Divorce Issues

Relationship/Couples Issues

Pre-Marital Issues

Labor Relations Issues

Beneficiary/Estate Issues

Property Issues

Business Contract Issues

Workplace Issues 

Political Issues

Neighborhood Issues

While we do not provide legal advice, we are familiar with the issues you face. Our mediators facilitate both private parties and attorney advocated mediations, before, during or after any court action.  We provide an organized process and open communication channels throughout each project, as we help turn your barriers into bridges.

Couple in Mediation
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