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Hello, I'm Yvonda Dangerfield

I founded Paulee Resume Services.  Together we have over 35 years of experience helping clients get the jobs they love.

I would love to help you.  Let's connect!

This is Yvonda Dangerfield, Employment Coach at Paulee Resume

What we do...

Vonda's Team.jpg

We are committed to helping clients during employment transitions, especially during challenging times.  Job searching can be an intimidating task in the best of times.  When you are also in the middle of a dispute, it can be overwhelming.   At PauLee Resume Services we help clients with resume's and cover letters, and so much more.  I am an employment coach.  I help clients assess their skills, research the job market including salaries, create impressive resumes and eye catching cover letters, as well as prepare them for interviews.  Once you have landed the job you want, we are available to help you with promotion materials, etc.
We take pride in building relationships and providing customer service to our clients.  My team is detail-oriented, compassionate and professional.  We will walk with you through the process of employment, career transitions, and promotions.  Give us a call today!

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