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Hello.  I'm Lariann Egan

I have 20+ years experience helping clients.

I would love to help you.  Let's connect!

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My Story

Lariann has experience in a variety of areas, with a primary focus in Family Law/Domestic Relations.  This includes divorces, parenting plans, modifications, discovery, and much more. While her primary residence is in Massachusetts she has worked with clients in many other states and can process cases anywhere in the United States.


Lariann understands that the issues in Family Law matters are often difficult, stressful, and emotional and treats each client with the care they need.


Outside of Family Law, she has experience in Chapter 7 bankruptcy, is a Certified Credit Consultant, can draft wills, deeds, Power of Attorney, and many other general documents.  

Fees: Flat Fee and hourly, project-based. $40.00/hr.

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