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Paralegal Network

Documents created in mediation are informative of the agreements reached, but may not satisfy court requirements in your state.  Here is a short list of paralegals who may assist you with legal pleadings.  There are also other paralegals, attorneys, or document preparers in your state.  This list is not intended to be exhaustive, but merely helpful.  You should choose the best option for your situation.


Liz Guegan (20+ yrs experience)


Liz has a wealth of experience preparing legal documents, including bankruptcy, divorce, child and alimony payments, visitation, and more.


She also specializes in all things corporate, including initial setup of corporations and LLC's, drafting and administration, minutes and resolutions, annual returns, dissolution, and other reporting.  In addition,  she has experience in US family immigration and citizenship.  And she is bilingual, English and Spanish.

Originally based in Florida, Liz has worked with clients and attorneys in multiple States and is comfortable continuing to help clients wherever they are situated.  She is educated, friendly and professional, has excellent attention to detail, is efficient, and works quickly.

FEES: By the job, but average $40 per hour.


Yvonda Dangerfield  (10 yrs. experience)

Committed to helping clients during what is often an emotional and painful transition, Yvonda has devoted her time, energy, and education to focus on legal issues surrounding family relationships.


Yvonda takes pride in advocating for the legal needs and objectives of each client.  She is detail-oriented and well informed on the regulations of the courts.  

FEES:  By the job, but average $50 per hour.


Lariann Egan (20 yrs. experience)

Lariann has experience in a variety of areas, with a primary focus in Family Law/Domestic Relations.  This includes divorces, parenting plans, modifications, discovery, and much more. While her primary residence is in Massachusetts she has worked with clients in many other states and can process cases anywhere in the United States.


Lariann understands that the issues in Family Law matters are often difficult, stressful, and emotional and treats each client with the care they need.


Outside of Family Law, she has experience in Chapter 7 bankruptcy, is a Certified Credit Consultant, can draft wills, deeds, Power of Attorney, and many other general documents.  

Fees: Flat Fee and hourly, project-based. $40.00/hr.  

ALV - photo 6.jpg

Ailene Velasco  (10 yrs. experience - Speaks English and Tagalog)

Graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Laws in the Philippines and worked as a pioneer Paralegal/Legal Researcher in two (2) of the most prominent local law firms. Where she gained her experience in small claims mediations, immigration proceedings and assisted a senior lawyer in an oral argument before the Appellate Court.

She started her legal career as an online freelancer in 2011 and joined several law firms globally, ie United Kingdom, Australia, United States and Singapore.

Ailene is experienced in Family Law, Wills and Estate Planning, Personal Injuries, ADA cases, divorce litigations, company set-up and structures.

She is self-motivated and able to organize own work with minimum supervision, copes effectively in demanding circumstances.  


FEES: Dependent upon the nature of the case; base rate is $45/hour

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