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Neighborhood Issues

Love my neighbor...ya, okay!

Usually, I like my neighbors, but they have these dogs, or they play the music too loud at night, or even worse, we are fighting over property lines. 


Or maybe your dispute is with a community service provider, like the cable company or the sewer and septic company. If you have an HOA, you know how this goes.  What you may not know is how to resolve these issues before the HOA or the courts get involved.

Community literally means, a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.  The things you have in common are perfect beginnings for living in harmony.

At Blend Mediation, we empower you to find your common ground and facilitate effective communications toward an amicable resolution.  After all, life is better when everyone gets along, and it's always good to have a friend next door.



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