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Hello, I'm Liz Guegan

I have 20+ years experience helping clients.

I would love to help you.  Let's connect!

954 607-1449

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My Story

Liz has a wealth of experience preparing legal documents, including bankruptcy, divorce, child and alimony payments, visitation, and more.


She also specializes in all things corporate, including initial setup of corporations and LLC's, drafting and administration, minutes and resolutions, annual returns, dissolution, and other reporting.  In addition,  she has experience in US family immigration and citizenship.  And she is bilingual, English and Spanish.

Originally based in Florida, Liz has worked with clients and attorneys in multiple States and is comfortable continuing to help clients wherever they are situated.  She is educated, friendly and professional, has excellent attention to detail, is efficient, and works quickly.

FEES: By the job, but average $40 per hour.

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