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Mediation is the future for all dispute resolution and that future is already here with us.

Resolving disputes demands special skills, experience, and cultural sensitivity. BlendKenya

proud itself for having highly trained certified professional mediators with standby psychologist

cum mediators. At BlendKenya, we advocate and promote compassionate listening, approachability, accessibility, confidentiality, trustworthiness, dedication, perceptiveness, and impartiality in order to foster win-win situations and produce a robust communication between the parties. The mediators are not only lawyers but also religious leaders, bankers, teachers, psychologists, doctors, cultural & tradition leaders, etc.  We have experience in the following areas:

Community Mediation            

School mediation 

Neighborhood Disputes

Relationship & Family Issues


Child Support & Maintenance

Child Custody       


Riparian Rights Issues

Youth Mediation

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